Los Angeles, CA.  |   2019-2020 (Season 1)

Netflix series based on the eponymous comic series by Mark Millar and Frank Quitely. The first generation of superheroes have kept the world safe for nearly a century. Now their children must live up to their legacy in an epic drama that spans decades and navigates the dynamics of family, power and loyalty.


Under the leadership of Costume Designer Lizz Wolf,
I worked closely with Assistant Costume Designer Stacia Lang, Lead Concept
Illustrator Jase Castagna, and Key Specialty Costumer, Federico Cervantes
to execute textile and surface design for the superhero, SkyFox.

The final process after several iterations of
designs by Lead Concept Illustrator Jase Castagna

Integrating Andrew Campbell’s “lichen” concepts

Inspired by David Umemoto’s architectural structures while
infusing Andy Cambell’s “lichen” and “celestial” concepts

Inspired by pitted texture wall art while infusing
Andy Cambel’s initial “lichen” concept.

Additional Textiles/Recreations

In collaboration with Key Specialty Costumer,
Federico Cervantes and Key Specialty Textile Artist Rebeka L. Roberts,
we created several stencil pieces to paint and mesh fabric to complete
Raikou’s look. Concept art by the talented Raphael Phillips.

Tasked to create different brush strokes for Raikou’s kanji

Art to cut for stencil plate inspired by the
Great Wave off Kanagawa

Recreated the waves based on the research and
development by the talented Hilary Ament.

Leather mesh textile that was laser cut by Eli Brothers.

Worked hand-in-hand with Assitant Costume Designer Stacia Lang
to get the gloves completed for textile printing.

These are overall textile patterns presented during the
early concept of Lady Liberty’s gloves

Digitally traced the pattern created by our in-house crew and started piecing
some aspects of the gloves together

Model reference from Iron Head Studios

Approved completed look that’s digitally packaged and
sent to Karen By Designs for fabric printing process

Process for Brainwave’s Gloves. This was the first task I worked on
with the graces of Andy Cambell and Stacia Lang. I am forever grateful for
their dedication and guidance to show me how things work in the
Costume Department.

Simplified versions of one of the patterns to examine
after several rounds of development.

Model by Iron Head Studios as visual guide.

Vector base with digitally tracing the patterns
created by our dedicated in-house crew.

Completed look that’s digitally packaged and sent to
Karen By Designs for fabric printing process that was later on
finished with coated foil. Line work and knuckle elements serves as a
visual guide for 3d fabrication.