Los Angeles, CA.  |   2020-2021

This was the first project I've had the privileged working closely with Russ' team at Film Illusions Inc. and
I am forever grateful to Kurt and Bart for the opportunity to work on DC’s Black Adam.

The forthcoming flick is a spinoff of Warner Bros and New Line's Shazam!, which premiered in 2019.
Black Adam was released on 21 October, 2022. Here's the process for the surface design for the super suits.


The formative stages in establishing the dimensional prints is the most
exciting part for me the minute I step into my first day at work.

I worked closely with Kurt and Bart to solve design problems and
achieve this massive undertaking of creating the surface design for Black Adam.

Dimensional prints courtesy of By Design.

Sculpted by @scottramirezarts at Film Illusions Inc.

With hundreds of unique brushes created for the cuneiforms, here's the process for the surface design of Black Adam’s costume.
The early exploration was created by the talented Trey Shaffer then was pass on to me.

Cape Details

Dr. Fate

This was the texture repeat that was used on Doctor Fate’s costume. Was tasked to
create the digital asset that was then shared to VFX.

The initial layout was created by the talented Trey Shaffer then was pass on to me.



After several explorations and direction from Kurt and Bart, we landed on the ancient ankh symbol
and used it as the base then filled it with hieroglyphics. This was something I wasn’t sure will make the
cut considering the fast turnaround. Glad it made it out there!

These are the initial sketches I presented to get the ideas flowing.



Been very fortunate these past couple of year creating sigils and emblems
and I can’t thank enough to Kurt and Bart for giving me the platform and opportunity to be a part of the
creative process for Cyclone’s sigil of DC’s Black Adam movie.

Here are the initial sketches with brush stroke explorations.