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Art Directors Guild IATSE Local 800
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Maybelle Pineda is a Graphic Designer born in Basilan, an island off the southern coast of the Zamboanga Peninsula in the Philippines. Her profound affinity to the arts stems from her childhood. Growing up, she was greatly influenced by the work of her father, a Civil Engineer. She recalls tracing architectural and structural drawings from the blueprints her father brought home. Her fascination with surface and texture designs are deeply rooted from her exposure to Filipino textiles. These textiles originated from woven indigenous fabrics of various Filipino tribal groups. Over the years, her natural interest in graphic and textile designs grew and developed through her experiences and travels around the world.

At age 16, she immigrated to the United States with her family in pursuit of greater opportunities and a better life. As she grew accustomed to her new environment in the United States, she learned conversational English through television shows and movies, which were the initial seeds that piqued her interest in the motion picture industry.

She began her career working as an Intermediate Designer for Site Canvas, a digital startup focused on building applications and platforms for celebrity clients like Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Michael Strahan, and Charles Barkley. After her tenure at Site Canvas, she honed her skills as an Art Director for PMMI Media Group and oversaw the entire publication of Automation World, a leading information resource for automation professionals across all industries. She continued her career in Corporate America and was hired as the Lead Designer for Sears Holding Corporations, a Fortune 500 company, for their e-learning division where she won the Divisional Recognition Award in Integrated Learning and Performance.

In her quest to further her career, she moved to Los Angeles and got the opportunity to work as a Key Art Designer for BOND, a prestigious ad agency in California. During her time at BOND, she worked on campaigns for Starz, WB, HBO, Universal, and many others. As a Key Art Designer, she helped create and conceptualize key arts for TV shows, movies, and video games. Creating the key art for the television show, Black Sails, was one of her most notable accomplishments. This was recognized by the Clio Awards in advertising.

In addition to working at BOND, she worked as a PA on several production shows on the weekends. She was able to find her big break through perseverance, her love for graphics & textile designs, and all the people who have inspired her everyday. This allowed her to acquire her union days for the Art Director’s Guild. In 2018, she was sworn in as a Graphic Designer and formally joined the Art Director’s Guild, Local 800. Since then, she’s worked on multiple projects for Disney, WB, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Lionsgate, and many others.

Today, her goal is to help create opportunities for people of color in the motion pictures industry. She believes it is crucial to show that immigrants, minorities, and women can still find success in the industry, and hopefully, it will pave the way for people to pursue their goals and aspirations in life.



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