Los Angeles, CA.  |   2022

Thank you so much to Costume Designer Ruth Carter for trusting me to take on the task to help on this project.
It has touched so many lives in my community and will be forever grateful for the opportunity.

WINNER 2023 Academy Award for Best Costume Design

Here’s a glimpse of the process of the surface design for the Black Panther suit. I worked
closely with Key Specialty Costumer Federico Cervantes and Russ + the talented team at Film Illusions Inc. under the leadership of
Costume Designer Ruth Carterto make this come to life. It’s also especially great to see Ryan Meinerding's concept art to marvel with.

Early stages of research and development with Film Illusions Inc.

Often times, once the concept art has been approved, I normally come in to work and help establish the finer details for
dimensional printing and surface design. Here’s the process of the surface design for Nakia’s suit for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.
The elements are then passed on to Kourtney Coats to 3D print hard parts.

Thank you once again to Costume Designer Ruth Carter and to our ACDDorotka Sapinska and Stacy Caballero for their
leadership, support, and creative direction.


I am forever in awe with the amount of talent Film Illusions Inc. and all the people involved in the making of the costumes for Midnight Angels (Black Panther: Wakanda Forever). I have the utmost respect for all the artists who dedicated their skills and knowledge throughout this process.

I had the privilege of working on the surface designs and finer details for dimensional printing of the Midnight Angels. I just want to share some of the process and hope this inspires others.

The research and development was extremely extensive and would not have been possible without the leadership and impeccable direction of Costume Designer @therealruthecarter. Also would like to thank @parasolka_kids for her valuable input and guidance throughout this process.

Special Kudos to Karen and Nancy along with their team at By Design. They are truly the best in the industry and I will forever be a fan of their dimensional prints!

Here’s some of the process for General Okoye’s jumpsuit.
This was super fun to work on and many thanks to our wonderful ACDs
@stacy_r_caballero and @parasolka_kids among many others for
making this a memorable experience.