Video Background

Los Angeles, CA. | 2022

I had the opportunity to contribute to the visual development team for a live adaptation pitch of The Riftwar Cycle by Raymond E. Feist. Immersing myself in the fantasy realms of Midkemia and Kelewan was exhilarating, and witnessing the sheer volume of impeccable work that unfolded over weeks was truly inspiring.


These are early explorations of two dragons for the initial concept, which were incorporated into the title logo.
I've had the privilege of working on several title logos in recent years, and I'm grateful to everyone supporting this creative journey.

I collaborated closely with the Head of Visual Development and Creative Director @blackbearuwandi, along with our producer
@carlchoi and @ajvargas_insta at Six Studios. Later on, I had the opportunity to work alongside
the talented writers @jacobpiniontogo, @nickbernardone, and @thehannahfriedman.


Crydee is a duchy in the Kingdom of the Isles. It is perhaps best known as the birth place of Duke Borric conDoin,
his children Lyam, Arutha and Carline who were key players in the Riftwar,
and also the childhood home of Tomas and Pug.




Elvandar is the chief city of the elves, located in the great forests north of the Green Heart on the northern continent of Triagia.
It is protected by unwanted intruders with magic andanimals. The center of Elvandar is a city composed entirely of
giant trees connected by high arching bridges. Some of these trees have foliage of silver, white, or gold.