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Seems like this year I’ve been helping  a lot of startups getting their gear up and running. My good friend at MKR is slowly launching products and partnering with local 3D printer businesses here in Chitown.  Saw a couple of prototypes that are launching (hopefully this year) and they are pretty innovative!

MKR combines state of the art technology with sleek and modern designs to eliminate bulk and maximize quality and style. Diving into the new capabilities of 3D Printing, MKR is building the future one innovation at a time. Definitely worth checking out!

I recently worked on an infographic piece and created an isometric grid for it. I found the grid quite useful and I was able to work effectively using the guides. You can download the grid on landscape and portrait mode to ease your workflow.

Portrait        Landscape


Working with a friend for his new startup. Startups can be overwhelming and you’re always on the grind. But it can have rewards beyond measure. I like being part of the process and it’s enlightening to see how it progresses over time.

Stay tuned for more info this year. 2015 looks promising!!!