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Maybelle /māy.bell/ noun is a visual designer who is sometimes referred as the “bouncing fireball” for her high exuberance and vigorous personality. Has a penchant for making eyesore typefaces a sight to behold and oftentimes seen gallivanting the streets of Los Angeles. She's in the process of updating her latest work so come stop by soon!

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From humble beginnings in the Philippines to the big city of Los Angeles, Maybelle wants to shape the world one pixel at a time. She held a Lead Designer position at Sears Holdings Corporation, where she has further developed her visual design prowess and acquired new proficiencies in motion design, video editing and production. When night (and weekends) rolls around, her artistry and talents are called to action by start-ups, non-profits, and small businesses to assassinate unflattering designs to create a more fascinating world.

She's currently soul searching in the television and film realm and works at BOND

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